Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Prevent Being Locked Out of Your House?

Getting locked out of your house can be stressful. Most people lead busy, active lives, and usually they discover that they have locked themselves out of their house while either on their way in or out of the house. If this has happened to you in the past, you may have places to go or things to do, and being locked out of your house was not on the agenda. There are many situations that could result in you getting locked one. For example, you may have driven all the way home only to realize you misplaced your house key en route, or perhaps you left the house earlier when others were home and they unintentionally left you out. These and other similar scenarios can easily be prevented when you follow a few key tips.
Keep a Spare Key Somewhere Safe
Most people know that it is not safe to keep a spare key under the welcome mat by the front door, and those false rocks that had a spare key are a fairly obvious hiding spot too. There are, however, a few different places where you can keep a spare key that may be more safe and secure. Consider, for example, giving a spare key to a neighbor who you know and trust or a family member who lives nearby. You can also consider keeping a spare key in the glove compartment in your car. Men who never leave the house without their wallet in their back pocket may slide a spare key in their wallet, and women can put one in a zipper compartment in their purse. You may find it beneficial to keep a few different keys in strategic yet safe locations for easy access.
Install a Garage Door Opener With a Keypad
Another option to consider does not involve a key at all. If you live in a home with a garage door, you can install a garage door opener with a keypad. The keypad resides on the exterior of your home, and you simply have to type in the code for the garage door to open. Provided you don't forget the code, you will always have a way to enter your home even when you don't have a key available.
While these tips can help you to avoid being locked out in the future, keep in mind that if you do find yourself locked out, you can contact a locksmith for assistance. An emergency service can visit your home any time of day or night to assist you with entry into your home.
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