Sunday, September 9, 2012

Effective Role Played By Inventory Clerks In Business

If a company has inventories, the need for inventory clerks will definitely be felt as their responsibility includes tracking all the products including finished products, semi-finished products, stock kept as reserve for future use and scrap. Every product the company sells, every consumable item related to the manufacturing of the product and other office supplies are tracked by the inventory clerks.
Duties of inventory clerks
The responsibilities of inventory clerks include receiving inventories, maintaining records, keeping track of the demands and inventories in excess and many more. They play an effective role in the execution of orders and ensure a smooth production process.
  • Receiving inventories that come in is one of the important duties of inventory clerks. They need to have details regarding shipment of products ordered and once the shipment arrives, they need to ensure that they are properly stored.

  • Classification of inventories received is essential so that everything is in check. Once the material arrives, it has to be unpacked and labeled and in the process, damaged inventories could be identified.

  • Maintaining an inventory list is a very strenuous process as it has to have a complete detail of all the products in the company whether finished or unfinished, whether in good condition or a scrap. It is the responsibility of the clerks in the inventor's department to create and update inventory list.

  • With the advancement of technology, maintaining records has been made easier with computer software programs. However, physical count is essential to ensure that there is no room for mistakes. Apart from maintaining records in the computer, the clerks also physically count the stock and base their reports only after double verification.

  • By keeping track of inventories available, the clerks are in a position to know about the availability of a particular product. This helps them to order necessary by products and consumables to ensure uninterrupted production of goods.

  • Auditing is a very important quality of inventory clerks. Incoming inventory and outgoing inventory are to be audited by the clerks. Periodical analysis and comparative study of the inventories will greatly help to identify if the orders for products are in line with the demands.

  • In the companies that use inventory clerks at their effective best, have them in customer service as well. To satisfy their customers and honor their needs, these clerks interact with the clients to let them know about the products in stock and handle exchanges of items when the need arises.
Establish your name with inventory management
A business needs every aspect to be covered to ensure smooth functioning and inventory management as we saw, plays a crucial role. While hiring the services of clerks for maintaining your inventory, it is necessary to trust the job with safe hands. Your choice should be based on the type of inventories your business deals with and hence you could discuss in detail about your expectations and demands and hire a person who can quickly judge your market and your competitor's market. Unless one has the ability to make a comparative study, it would not be possible to identify the right path towards proper inventory management.


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